Inspired By Greatness

Big Willy was created to honor Veterans of all service but specifically WWII Veterans. Willy was built to share with the world and put smiles on faces and bring joy wherever he goes. The inspiration was from that little wartime Jeep that could do anything and was an almost perfectly engineered machine to carry our troops to places no vehicle ever has.

Conceived in the Black Rock Desert and born and raised in Arizona

The Build: Born From Dust

Big Willy was built with the help of many friends and sponsors in 7 months. I never took a day off in 7 months and worked 70 to 80 hours a week. I set a goal to have it done by August 2018 and worked on it right up until the day before I loaded it on the trailer to take to The Playa. I wasn’t able to get it painted and powder-coated by then because I came up short on time but I got it there as planned!

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